Welcome to MetroGIS
MetroGIS (Pty) Ltd is a GIS consultancy firm providing services to geographic-oriented professions. GIS plays an important role in spatial planning. MetroGIS provides the full range of GIS services to satisfy all information needs for Development Planning and Environmental Management.

As GIS is becoming more specialised, MetroGIS is staying in the forefront by providing innovative solutions. A number of "firsts" include a fully computerised land use planning system, and an integrated environmental management framework.
Project related information
MetroGIS has been appointed as part of a team led by Environomics to undertake the development of an Environmental Management Framework for Gauteng. This project will inform spatial planning and help shape the future development pattern of the province.

Environmental Management Framework for the Waterberg District (WDEMF), Draft EMF Report


10 Years of Spatial Excellence
Our services and products are applied in the following fields:

  • Environmental Planning,
  • Land use Planning,
  • Project Management,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Tourism,
  • Commerce and Industry,
  • Disaster Management
  • Development of GIS-based management information systems,
  • Data integration, including aerial photography and satellite imagery,
  • Development of GIS-based internet applications,
  • Production of high quality 3-D maps
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